The Il Monte Caro winery started as an idea Enzo Marcolini had in 1986 when he and

his wife Carla came across land on one of the slopes of Mount Caro in Mezzane di

Sotto, fell in love and decided to stay embarking on a new agricultural adventure. 

Once on the hill, often called by local people “stony land” due to strong presence of

limestone rocks, they planted olive trees and grapevines then they built an artesian

well and our rural home, thus creating the foundations of the family farm.

Today the two sons join the initial dream.

Our collaboration, passion and the desire to pursuit a healthy and genuine lifestyle

drive us to always create wines that respect and tell the story of our land. 

The grape varieties that we grow are those typical of our Valpolicella region: Corvina,

Corvinone, and Rondinella; furthermore we have some of Cabernet Sauvignon and


We look after the vineyard’s care and this is done according to natural beliefs.

We vinificate exclusively our grapes and in utmost respect of what nature gives us.